Invented in late 2003 and currently crowd-sourcing funds through Kickstarter, Kegbot is quite honestly the ultimate (open source) kegerator upgrade for tech-savvy brew enthusiasts. “So what exactly is Kegbot” you ask? It’s an ingenious system that allows you to keep tabs on your keg’s vitals. For instance, Kegbot can monitor how much beer you’ve poured, through NFC enabled user accounts – who’s been chugging the most and even email you when it’s time to order a new keg.

While we could attempt to explain every last detail about Kegbot – let’s be honest we haven’t had a chance to go hands-on with the system (yet!) so why don’t we let the people who know the Kegbot system inside-out give you the run-down on its tech specs and other amazing features. In the embedded video below Mike Wakerly and the Kegbot crew break-down what their system is capable of and how it’s something you’ve just gotta have!

If you’re a kegerator owner like us and want to support Kegbot jump over to Kickstarter and show them some love.

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