Pabst Brewing Company not only brews the beers your dad and his dad used to drink, now they’ve teamed up with skateboard manufacturer Santa Cruz and are producing some of the sickest decks we’ve ever seen. Modeled after a “tall boy” (16 oz) can of Colt 45, this skateboard was built to ollie, kick-flip and put your buddy’s deck to shame! If you look close you’ll notice the nose of the deck is designed to mimic the exact shape of the top of the beer can and they even outfitted the underside with a bottle opener to help keep you hydrated.


  • Dimensions: 8.25in x 24in
  • Wheelbase: 11.75 in”
  • Nose Length: 2.75 in”
  • Tail Length: 5.3 in”
  • Construction: 7-ply

Why We Love it!

  • Integrated bottle opener on the underside
  • Custom contoured deck shape
  • B137 Bullet trucks
  • 65mm Road Rider “Beer Goggles” wheels

Buy it now: $135 or go to:

If you like this Colt 45 deck, then make sure to check out the embedded video below where you’ll see other skate boards in various shapes and sizes from Pabst brands such as Lone Star Beer, Olympia Beer, Primo Beer, Schlitz Beer, Pabst Blue Ribbon and more!

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