Wilson Pro Fit ReviewWith an adjustable driver designed for a range of players from beginner, to those looking to take the game more seriously, the Wilson Pro Fit golf clubs is the newest set to hit the links this summer in a long line of Wilson Golf. Recently we were given the opportunity to field test a ‘ready to play’ set, from Putter to Driver including 2 hybrids and a carry bag from Wilson. Fair warning, I’ve been playing with the same set of Wilson clubs for almost 15 years, so to change now, is a big deal.

To properly test the clubs we spent some quality time hitting buckets of balls at the range, and putting them through their paces at several different courses where club selection becomes a requirement, not a choice. We’ve had these in our possession since the start of July and here’s what we’ve discovered about the current line of package clubs from Wilson Clubs…


How well are these clubs built? I’ve played a set of clubs from Wilson, the SAME set of clubs from Wilson, for 15 years. They’ve held up well based on use, from a few times a year, to a day where I played 140 holes between 8 am and 5 pm, they took a beating from a sub-par amateur player (me). The new carry bag has seen major improvements, now standard backpack style sling is a huge step up from the single padded shoulder carry of the past. Five zippered pouches including great ball storage and a soft lined valuables pouch vs the 2 zippered sides on the old style bag. The club cover has a zipper so you can access the clubs without having to unsnap the entire cover. Lastly, it’s lighter.

Wilson Pro Fit Review Wilson Pro Fit Review Wilson Pro Fit Review

Wilson Pro Fit ReviewThe grips are solid feeling with markings for consistent hand placement on every club except the driver. While it would be nice to have markings, it’s not really possible based on the configuration of the driver’s head and how you change the loft angle.

The finish on the club heads holds up well enough, but there are some chips already on the putter I didn’t expect already. The 15 year old putter didn’t have a colored coating to chip off though. It’s not that big of a deal, but I was surprised for just 2 months of use.

Overall, I expect these to last as long as the clubs I’ve been playing with.

Drivers, Wood and Hybrids:

The old line up in my bag was a driver, 3 & 5 wood, 5-9 irons, pitching wedge and putter. Eventually I replace the driver with a club with a much bigger head, and I added a 60 degree wedge below the pitching wedge. This line up includes an adjustable loft Driver , a 3 wood, a 4 & 5 hybrid, 6-9 irons, a pitching wedge, a 56 degree wedge, and putter.

Wilson Pro Fit Review

Wilson Pro Fit Review  Wilson Pro Fit Review  Wilson Pro Fit Review

  Wilson Pro Fit Review

My 5 wood was my go to club for 200 yards and is now gone, as are the 4 and 5 irons I couldn’t hit anyway. The three clubs have been replaced by two hybrid clubs that I’m getting used to. The difference between the hybrids is a few degrees and about 3/4 of an inch in length, the 4/5 being the shorter of the two. Both are more ‘iron’ length at about 3 inches shorter than the driver.

My old driver and 3 wood were useless to me, the new driver has the ability to adjust the loft angle of the head between low, standard, and high. It’s nice, and it does have some affect, but with my swing I’m not seeing a huge benefit yet. The change is made with an included torque wrench that clicks so you don’t over-tighten the bolt when making changes. The instructions say to check it before every round, and so far I’ve not had a problem with it. It takes about 2 minutes to change the angle, and I don’t think it’s something you’d want to do on the course during play. Go to the range, hit 30 drives with each setting, see what works for you. I’m going to be working specifically with the driver and the 3 wood with the new Zepp Golf 2 club swing trainer to improve my hitting distance. Look for our review of the Zepp Golf 2 soon.


Remaining irons are the 6 through 9, the 6 is iffy for me until I get more club head speed, but the 7 punches to 160 yards quite nicely about 10-20 yards further than my old 7. The rest of the clubs are spaced well down to the pitching wedge at about 100 yards.

Wilson Pro Fit Review  Wilson Pro Fit Review  Wilson Pro Fit Review

The wedge I added for flop shots and sticking it to the green from closer in is now included, but with less loft which I’m adjusting to. The 60 degree I had couldn’t hit further than 35 yards, the 56 has expanded that for me to about 50 yards, which provides a smaller gap between my low wedge and my pitching wedge and I’m very pleased about that.

Wilson Pro Fit Review  Wilson Pro Fit Review  Wilson Pro Fit Review

Overall, I’m pleased with the choices they’ve made since the set I got 15 years ago, I think they’ve taken selection in the right direction based on club types that are available today vs then and by doing so have created a set that will fit beginners and players with experience.


Wilson Pro Fit ReviewThe irons have metal shafts, and are nice and stiff. The 7 iron is my current money club at 160 yards and straight. They feel like a pendulum when I swing them and I can’t say I’ve ever felt more confidence in my iron swing. Something clicked while using these clubs at the range for me.

Having never had my own hybrid before I can see that being my new money club after some work with the Zepp 2. At the range it was hit or miss for me, but when I connected a few times I was hitting almost 200 yards, and the swing is very similar to an iron. I’ve had several golf partners comment this summer that I make the 7 iron look super smooth, and it FEELS that way. From the 7 on down I love the balance of the clubs in my swing. The 6 feels o.k. too, but I can’t get the speed needed to really play it.

The putter feels exactly the same as the one from 15 years ago but with a better grip that has a flat side, vs being entirely round. Nice improvement.

Wilson Pro Fit Review  Wilson Pro Fit Review  Wilson Pro Fit Review

The Driver and 3 wood are huge improvements in feel over the clubs that are 15 years old. They, and the hybrids, have graphite shafts that are regular flex.


At $399.99 with free shipping, if these clubs last as long as the last set I got from Wilson 15 years ago, that breaks down to $27 a year. For a recreational golfer playing this game as a hobby, that’s a deal. They are a designed to last, to be flexible and you grow as a golfer. They offer the club selection that fits well with my style of play.

Buy Now: $399.99, or find out more at Wilson.com

Wilson Pro Fit Men's Package Set - Range Review
For what they claim to be, I think they fit the bill. The focus for a beginner should be being 'hit-able' and I think these clubs deliver on that. So if you are a beginner looking to play, or a recreational player, looking at upgrading the Wilson Pro Fit Men's Package Set should be on your list.
Driver and Hybrids8
The Good:
  • Great Club Selection
  • Great Carry Bag
  • Great Value
The Not So Good:
  • I didn't magically become able to hit a driver.
  • I still lose balls in the rough.
  • Finish on the putter is already chipping.
8.8Overall Score
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