You likely know Under Armour as the premium sports brand that’s got its finger on the pulse of athletes the world over. They produce apparel and equipment for every sport under the sun and recently made a big splash within the hunting community with their athletic inspired UA Hunt line of  base layers, boots, pants and jackets engineered specifically for hunters with integrated scent blocking technology which is said to last up to 10 times longer than traditional carbon scent controlling fabrics. A few weeks ago we hooked up with our buddies at the UA Hunt HQ in Baltimore, Maryland where they outfitted us with their top-of-the-line Under Armour Rut Scent Control Jacket. It’s said to be comfy, warm, quiet and keep your scent hidden from prey. On a recent whitetail hunt in the cold damp forests of Northern Michigan we put the Under Armour Rut Scent Control Jacket through the paces in the trees and on the ground with noting more than the UA Rut Jacket, the packs on our backs and our trusty compound bows.

During our testing and review hunts the average temperature was a bone chilling 28 degrees with winds in excess of 20 mph, the rain and snow was consistent and our hopes were set high for the Under Armour Rut Scent Control Jacket, because if it failed us we were set to freeze our butts off!

Key Features:Under Armour Rut Scent Control Jacket

  • Exclusive UA Scent Control technology lasts longer and works better, keeping you undetected
  • Substantial 355g fleece traps monster warmth for extreme cold
  • Signature Moisture Transport System wicks sweat away from the body
  • Quiet construction prevents fabric from rustling, helping you stay silent
  • Raglan sleeve construction allows a full range of motion without chafing
  • Harness-compatible design to keep you safe in the treestand
  • Volume-reducing sleeves tighten up for bow hunters
  • Pack-accessible, secure hand pockets and chest pockets
  • Kidney warmer pockets
  • Made from polyester

– The Review –


(8.5 out of 10) We found this jacket to be exceptionally comfortable straight out of the box. No washing or breaking-in is necessary. While it’s a relativity thin jacket overall, it’s produced from well insulated polyester and fleece which makes the jacket lightweight, warm and comfy to wear even when trekking long distances to your hunting location. The cut is athletic inspired and can be perceived as tight or undersized by some hunters who’re use to the baggy ill-fitted camouflage available at most department stores. The arms are snug, yet fit length-wise very nicely. In our opinion the UA Rut Jacket is very comfy. However we were a bit annoyed by the cuffs which made accessing a wrist watch feel like a full time job at times as they were a little too tight. On the flip-side, the pockets (side and chest) are big and are lined with warm fleece and easily keep your hands warm on even the coldest of hunts. We also found the collar which zips up the neck half way to be soft and surprisingly comfortable.


(9 out of 10) The UA Rut Jacket is form fitting and extremely functional for hunters who don’t consider themselves one trick ponies. In our opinion the development team at Under Armour knocked it out of the park with this jacket! We were happy to find that the quiet construction works surprisingly well. Hunters, especially bow hunters know that it takes equal parts patients and stealthiness to bag a monster buck. The UA quite construction integrated into this jacket makes noise while drawing back your bow one less thing to worry about. Additionally we were impressed with the smart little features like kidney warmer pockets, volume-reducing sleeves (also great for bow hunting), and the moisture transport system which helps to keep you (mostly) sweat-free on long hikes into the back woods.

Scent Control

(8 out of 10) While it’s impossible for us to provide scientific evidence that supports the abilities of the UA scent control technology we can supply hands-on anecdotal evidence. While hunting in tree stands for four mornings and evenings at aprox 16 feet above the ground we had several doe and bucks come in and out of our hunting area… unfortunately nothing was worth shooting. Some approaching as close as 10 yards from the stand. In instances when we were up-wind from deer we found the scent control technology worked quite well when compared to non-scent blocking camo. It also works as well, if not better than our Scent-Lok brand camo we’ve been sporting for years now. Since we weren’t fully decked out in UA Hunt gear it’s hard for us to give the scent control technology our full endorsement at this time, but we do believe it worked as advertised. In the future we hope to obtain a full ensemble of UA Hunt apparel so that we can give you a definitive verdict. TIP: washing the UA Rut Jacket will not only clean it, but recharges the scent control system. Make sure to follow the directions inside the jacket.


(8 out of 10) With this jacket protection can be looked at in two ways. Actual protection from danger /falls and protection from the elements (wind and water). In both cases the UA Rut Jacket preformed admirably. From a strictly safety aspect we were happy to find that Under Armour outfitted the jacket with a harness-compatible zipper in between the shoulders, making it easy to secure yourself in and out of a tree stand safely. The ability to wear a harness under the jacket makes hunters more likely to use a harness in the first place. As for its ability to ward off wind and rain… we’re happy to report it preformed nicely as well. While the jacket isn’t technically wind or waterproof  it did keep us dry and warm even through seemly endless hours of rain and snow. When snow or rain hits the jacket it beads up and is easy to brush off. If your hunt involves high winds we’d suggest a warm under layer and base layer, while on less gusty days the jacket holds its own quite well!


(9 out of 10) Price to sell at just $20 less than $200 we think the UA Hunt Rut Scent Control jacket is worth every last penny. It’s designed to be quite versatile and is made with high quality fabrics, heavy duty hardware, durable stitching and is built to last for years and years of use in the back country.

The Bottom Line:

If you’re a avid hunter who is looking to maximize your time spent in the woods while remaining dry, warm and comfortable we highly recommend you seek out the Under Armour Rut Scent Control Jacket for yourself. We like it best for its athletic inspired fit, scent blocking abilities and protection from both the elements and falls. Its lightweight construction and sweat wicking technology makes it ideal to wear on longer treks while remaining insulated enough for cold conditions. It may not be the end-all-be-all hunting jacket of the century, but for our money it’s one of the best we’ve come across in some time! Falling in love with the UA Rut Jacket as much as we did? Well… make sure to check out the embedded video below to hear UA Arsnal team member Lee Lakosky as he explain exactly why he’s in love with this jacket as well.

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    How does the sizes run? I’m 5’8 165 lbs and plan to wear this not only alone for mid season hunts but also with layers for late season. my arm length is 32″. I would like have the least amount of bulk and access material possible. Any suggestions?

  2. hunting hoodies

    For the garments that you are hoping to wear in wet weather
    you must be seeking for things that have been treated with DWR (Tough Water Repellency).


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