Many of us across the country are cutting the cords and subscriptions to cable televisions companies.  More people are signing up for web-based services such as Hulu, HBO Now, Netflix, etc to fill their programming needs.  Since so many are making the switch, the folks at TERK have built a 2 for 1 product to help you cut the cord to your cable company while improving your WiFi service to make it easier to stream at the same time.

TERK recently launched their new Trinity Xtend Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna with WiFi Extender. This HDTV antenna delivers FREE local HD channels. The WiFi extender widens your home network for better wireless coverage. We recently set up the Trinity Xtend for some in-home product testing to check out the results.  Here’s what we discovered…

TERK Trinity Xtend Review Breakdown


Setup for the Trinity Xtend is extremely easy and you can be up an running in about five minutes.  You simply screw in your digital coaxial cable from your Trinity into your Television and open up the menu on your TV to perform a channel scan.  Channels will start to appear and be saved on your television. From there you will download the Trinity app on your smartphone and start configuring network settings to get the WiFi extender up and running.  When you un-box the Trinity all of the instructions that you need are stuck to the top of the unit and they are very simple to understand and follow.

Here’s a couple videos from TERK to explain setup in more detail…

WiFi Performance:

For our setup purposes we used a WiFi network that had trouble streaming videos and reaching all corners of a 1,600 square foot house.  Upon connecting to the unit we instantly saw faster download and streaming speeds.  Previously our XBOX One would get frozen while buffering Netflix videos or other video applications.  With the Trinity Xtend we rarely had any buffering issues and the video quality was tremendous.  We also found improved speeds and connectivity throughout the house to all our devices that were previously in poor hot spot zones.  If you are looking for an easy fix to WiFi problems around the house then the Trinity Xtend will definitely help your internet performance.

TV Antenna Performance:

The Trinity Xtend is designed to receives TV broadcasts, including 4K and 1080 HDTV , for both UHF and VHF stations. The unit is designed to reach towers up to 65 miles away.  In our testing zone most of the channels were trying to get were about 35 miles away.  Upon hooking up the unit we did no receive any channels on our first scan.  After our second scan we received about 4 channels and after a few more scans we got up to a total of 6 channels. Most of the channels we did receive were of good quality, from 720-1080. It is important to try different locations for your antenna in order to maximize your results.  If you don’t get any channels on your firstrinityxtn_1t scan make sure you re-adjust the location and play with the prongs to optimize your performance.  For indoor antennas, the Trinity performed okay, but we would have preferred more channels.

For a second test we set up an outdoor unit to compare performance results.  Upon completion the outdoor unit greatly outperformed the Trinity by getting 20+ channels.  An outdoor unit outperforming an indoor one is not surprising, so don’t let that deter you. You have to figure out what you priority is in your house and then pick the best product.  If you are fine with the basics with your TV stations then the Trinity is a decent option for you



Priced at $89.99, the Trinity Xtend Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna with WiFi Extender offers good value.  The WiFi results were very impressive. If you are looking to improve your connectivity at home then you will enjoy the the results from the Trinity.  If you are looking for TV as your number one option, then we suggest looking elsewhere for your antenna needs.  We like the value on the Trinity because you get 2 products for a very good price.  Compared to competitors you can’t beat the price, and we love when an item kills two birds with one stone!

Buy Now: $89.99 or visit for more information.

TERK Trinity Xtend HDTV Antenna + WiFi Extender
There is a lot to like about the Trinity Xtend unit. First, it serves dual purposes and you get results from both products. Second, it comes at a great value! If you are looking to improve your home WiFi performance and looking for some free channels, then consider the Trinity Xtend.
WiFi Performance9
TV Antenna Performance7.5
The Good
  • Excellent results on the WiFi
  • Great Value
  • Easy Setup
The Not-So-Good
  • TV performance took awhile to get few channels
  • TV Antenna performance is not comparable to an Outdoor unit
8.4Overall Score
Reader Rating: (3 Votes)

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