The turning of the seasons…It can surely be bitter-sweet when the transition happens, but it all depends on one’s attitude, especially as we make this progression into the Fall season. With our headquarters located so close to the shore of Lake Michigan, it should be no surprise that the majority of our staff spends a large portion of time boating during the summer months. As the days draw closer to putting the boats into winter storage, this particular time of year can be a hard pill for us to swallow. But the good times don’t have to end right away. No Sir! With the days growing shorter and the air becoming more brisk, we’ve managed to embrace this time of year with the help of the Sperry Men’s Fall ’16 Collection! Known and respected for their sea-worthy style and functionality for more than 80 years, we not only felt prepared with this new collection from Sperry, but we were also a bit more excited than usual to get out there and brave the waters during these cooler times.

Quilted CPO Jacket

sperryfall16_quiltedjacketKey Features:

  • Quilted double pocket overshirt
  • Dual zipper
  • Snap chest pockets
  • Functioning shirt cuffs

Cozy and comfortable, the Quilted CPO Jacket does the job of guarding from the elements without being bulky or overwhelming in its style. Lined with a tightly woven polyester under it’s quilted exterior, this jacket is remarkably sturdy and highly functional at blocking the wind and staying protected from the unexpected splashes that can occur while out at sea. More of pleasure cruiser than a work horse, the Quilted CPO Jacket is tailored much like a suit jacket around the arms and shoulders, and because of it’s sturdy construction, you’re not going to get a ton of mobility out of it. For anyone expecting to move around a lot and get their hands dirty, It’ll certainly do the trick, but we would recommend looking at a size larger than usual. However, if your just hitting up the high seas for a few drinks with some good company, this is a more than reasonable jacket, in style as well as functionality, to make it through those cooler outings.

Buy Now: $148

Novelty Hooded Sweatshirt

sperryfall16_noveltyhoodyKey Features:

  • Full zip hooded sweatshirt
  • Blue/white textured novelty material
  • Pop orange zipper pull
  • Side pockets
  • Jersey lined

For the leisurely fellow who’s not out to make any huge statements, the Novelty Hooded Sweatshirt will certainly do the Job. This 100% cotton full zip sweatshirt has a jersey lining that is as soft and comfortable as it is warm. The choice in material and a basic hoody construction gives the wearer optimal mobility, so whether your thing is trimming the jib on a sailing cruise, plucking out a few fish, or just taking it easy on the calm of the sea, it will do it all. Interested in an extra touch of style? The pull orange zipper doesn’t only add a splash of highlight in contrast to the blue and white textured exterior, but it will also open from the bottom if your thing is leave a little opening there.

Buy Now: $75

Banded Collar Button-Down Shirt

sperryfall16_bandedcollarshirtKey Features:

  • Banded collar longsleeve shirt
  • Left breast pocket
  • Classic chambray material

Built with the rugged adventurer in mind, the Banded Collar Button-Down Shirt is built heavy duty and durable. At first glance, you have here a typical plaid shirt, but upon closer inspection the banded collar makes a striking statement in comparison to many flipped collars of the world. Not only is it built strong, but the chambray material is thicker than one would guess, meaning the Banded Collar Shirt will keep you warm when it needs to without weighing you down. The sleeves are double buttoned, so when you hit that common mid-afternoon warmth of fall, they can easily be rolled up and your temperature will be well regulated depending on the requirements of the moment. We don’t see this a just a shirt to wear out boating as it could easily be transitioned to any casual dress occasion or a rugged work shirt. We sense this shirt might see just as much time out fishing on the river as it does on the open waters of the big lake.

Buy Now: $68

Long Sleeve Henley Shirt

sperryfall16_henleyshirtKey Features:

  • 1×1 rib long sleeve henley
    Mixed material 3 button placket opening
  • Garment washed; relaxed fit

Pretty much the ultimate in a laid back attitude, the Long Sleeve Henley Shirt is the hard-core lounger’s dream come true! Above anything else, this relaxed fit classic is insanely comfortable. The hems on the neck and waist lack the common bent fabric construction, but are instead reinforced with a tight stitch along the edge that contributes to a basic sense of style. If at any point you’ll need to get to work, this shirt has all the mobility and function you’ll ever need, but for the most part you’re probably going to want to kick back and relax in comfort while wearing the Long Sleeve Henley. Any gentlemen out there that prefer to cinch their long sleeves up to their elbows will find this shirt a little troublesome as the cuffs are wider than the typical shirt. However, it’s exactly this design element that makes the Long Sleeve Henley Shirt so very comfortable when you need that extra layer during the cooler days of the season.

Buy Now: $55

Slim Chino Pant

sperryfall16_chinopantsKey Features:

  • 5 pocket chino pant
  • Zip fly
  • Brushed twill with wiskers on the front thigh
  • Reinforrced on-seam pockets
  • Back welt pockets
  • Fit is straight through the hip and thigh with a classic straight leg

There are few things more associated with casual comfort in boating than a pair of good chino pants, and the Slim Chino Pant in this collection does the job of pulling the outfit together superbly! In recent years, we’ve found a bit of difficulty finding a slim pant that fit adequately, and somehow a brand best known for its footwear has discovered a brilliant combination of fit and functionality. From the waist all the way to the bottom cuff, these pants taper down with the form of the leg for that slimming appearance, but still manage to provide enough extra material so that they remain comfortable and mobile. Well constructed and durable, we can imagine these pants will be packed for all occasions when the open waters will be particularly chilly for many years to come.

Buy Now: $78

Billfish Ultralite Boat Shoe

sperryfall16_billfishshoeKey Features:

  • 28% lighter, 100% of the comfort – it’s the Billfish evolved
  • Premium nubuck and full grain uppers feature hand-sewn construction for longevity of wear
  • Full-length footbed features an EVA heel cup for enhanced comfort
  • 360° lacing system delivers comfortable, secure fit with rustproof eyelets
  • Lightweight EBA midsole provides cushioning and shock absorption for all day comfort
  • Adaptive Wave-Siping™ disperses water underfoot to reduce slippage on wet and dry surfaces

What’s a Sperry collection without an amazing shoe? They’ve really done themselves proud with this latest model of the Billfish Ultralite Boat Shoe. Aesthetically, this shoe has all of the quintessential markings of the classic boat shoe, but with a few additions in functionality and contemporary style. We love the hand-sewn construction that ensures a lasting shoe, but also adds some unique highlights in the shoe’s appearance. The Lightweight EBA midsole is beyond comfortable for a full day’s wear, and whether you’re breaking a sweat or you accidentally submerge a shoe while out in the water, the Billfish Ultralite Boat Shoe is well ventilated on both sides of the otherwise full-leather upper construction. The under-sole is built with a fully non-marking material, so you’ll never need to worry about scuff marks on the deck. These also hold an impressive amount of traction on just about all surfaces, which is of real importance at all times while boating. Whether you’re hitting the high seas or just having a few cocktails on land, the Billfish Ultralite Boat Shoe makes a suburb addition to any well dressed man’s collection.

Buy Now: $110

It’s bound to get a bit chilly out there from time to time, and during the transition into fall we couldn’t have been better prepared than we were with this collection, but there’s a lot more to the Sperry catalog than you see here.

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Sperry Men's Fall '16 Collection
With the help of the Sperry Men's Fall '16 Collection, we've had the great pleasure of getting out there and enjoying the open water well into these later months of the changing seasons. Sperry has really pulled off the combination of warmth and comfort with sophistication and style with this collection, and we have no doubt we'll be prepared for an early spring even if mother nature says otherwise.
Quilted CPO Jacket9.5
Novelty Hooded Sweatshirt9.5
Banded Collar Button-Down Shirt9
Long Sleeve Henley Shirt9
Slim Chino Pant10
Billfish Ultralite Boat Shoe10
9.5Overall Score
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