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For me, the best part of booking a weekend hotel stay is right after checking in, since it usually means it is time to unwind, eat some grub, relax with a drink or two, and then bed down for some well deserved rest. On the flip-side, my least favorite part (by far) is checking out by 10:00 AM. On Saturday or Sunday I usually need a little extra sleep after a long week and because of this I usually miss the complimentary breakfast since 10:00 AM comes too quick, or I’m simply not ready for the world to see me and the bags under my eyes. This is where Holiday Inn Express has upped their game recently. In fact, every weekend until December 18th checkout happens at NOON and better yet, they are serving late breakfast until noon as well. That means more time for sleeping in, showering, coffee and getting your bacon fix. Holiday Inn Express - Holland, Michigan.

They are calling it Snoozapalooza and recently I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express to experience what it is all about. We checked in on a Friday evening and checked out at noon on Saturday. We made a late night out of Friday partying with friends and taking in some local entertainment – so sleeping in was a must!

The accommodations were very nice, the staff was helpful and the beds we’re super comfy! While that’s all fine and dandy, we were really interested in the late checkout and the late breakfast options. So, after waking up at 11am and taking a quick shower we headed down to the breakfast lobby and loaded up on biscuits and gravy, orange juice, bananas and pancakes. Yes, fresh pancakes, you heard me right! They also offer cereal, bagels, fruit and a wide variety of hearty breakfast options… 30+ available items if you can believe it.

Holiday Inn Express Snoozapalooza -

Usually complementary hot breakfasts are nothing to write home about, but at Holiday Inn Express breakfast is awesome. The fresh pancakes I just mentioned aren’t cooked by a chef… nope! They are created by a pancake machine and it is awesome! Simply push the “OK” button and on minute later a perfect pancake comes out the other end. Busted Wallet is already investigating on how we can get one of these for the office.

Holiday Inn Express Pancake Machine - Holiday Inn Express Snoozapalooza Pancakes - Holiday Inn Express Snoozapalooza - Bustedwallet.comIf you’re booking a weekend hotel stay from now till December 18th we recommend trying out Holiday Inn Express. Snoozapalooza is in full effect and the late check out and late breakfast is incredible. When you Snoozapalooz you never lose! <– see what we did there!

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