Handcrafted from a single piece of wood, Slim Timber Wood Wallets are American made and extremely strong to endure all the abuse your pocket can dish out. Slim Timber wallets are currently available in two hand selected varieties – Maple and Walnut…. sorry pine aficionados! These wallets are smaller than most normal sized wallets to easily nestle in either your front or back pocket. To secure your belongings each wood wallet is outfitted with a thin leather strap that magically magnetically protects your goods. Slim Timber wood wallets are ideal for credit, business, and id cards. You may even be able to fit a few dollar bills in there. Which works great for us, because typically all we have at any given time is just a few dollars anyways! The craftsmanship and quality is said to be top notch and can accommodate up to 8 credit or I.D. cards and even more business cards. Firefighters need not apply!

 Slim Timber Wood Wallets

Buy Now: $45 or go to: SlimTimber.com

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Busted Wallet’s resident testing and review specialist, Josh has a keen eye for all things tech, booze, and sports-related. After working closely with brands such as Nike, The North Face, EA Sports, Burton, HP, Oakley, Sony, Cannondale, Taylormade Golf and many others over the past decade he’s grown to become one of the most reliable reviewers in the business.

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  1. s

    Could have been cool if they didn’t rip off their new watch design. Check out Mica Watches and tell me that slim timber is original…

    • N

      Does Mica Watches sell wallets? It is wood….wood is going to be the same “design” across the board….lol


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