Maybe you’ve already read our review of the Mongoose Argus Comp and if you have then you are aware that it is a great bike for the price. Although we noted a couple drawbacks, Mongoose has devised a bike that addresses these issues and is ready to tackle just about any terrain right away. The Mongoose Argus Expert is their top of the line fat tire bike, and as the name conveys, the “expert” specifications can be seen through the components and felt through weeks of riding. Whether riding on snow, sand, dirt, rocks, or even logs, the Mongoose Argus Expert proved it could handle whatever we threw its way.

m17_26m_argusexp_blk_1.1476297779Mongoose Argus Expert Key Features:

  • Alloy Aluminum hard tail frame
  • Rockshox Bluto Solo Air RL 100mm travel fork
  • Shimano XT®/SLX® 2×10 drivetrain with Deore® shifters
  • Kenda® Juggernaut 26×4.5″ folding bead tires
  • Shimano Blm506 hydraulic disc brakes with 180 mm rotors
  • KMC X10 chain
  • FSA Comet crank with Mega tooth 38/24T chain ring
  • Shimano BR-447 Brake Levers
  • Double-butted 35 mm clamp 760 mm Handlebar
Mongoose Argus Expert Fat Tire Bike Review Breakdown


If Batman rode a fat tire bike, I think he would be riding the Mongoose Argus Expert. Just looking at the matte black finish and sleek design, it makes you feel more “expert” than you probably are. From the handsome paint job on the frame to the big bad tires, this bike has a great look. There are some minor cosmetic blemishes like the welds. The seam welds aren’t so seamless, but are heavy duty and for the price, that’s not a deal breaker. The tires have a little more subtle look than the Argus Comp. No tan gumwall (on the version we tested), however the tires do have a unique triangular shaped pattern along the inside of the rim that allows the orange tube to pop out, creating better traction on the rim itself, along with a nice look for some added contrast.

Mongoose Argus Expert Review


Like the Argus Comp, the Argus Expert is Aluminum at its core. Not as light as a Carbon fiber frame, but also not as expensive. The added weight is more noticeable if you are out on the trails for more than a couple hours. The extra weight also comes from the RockShox Bluto suspension fork, but that’s a small tradeoff for the added comfort and control you have while ripping through rougher terrain. You also have the option to lock the suspension if you run out of air in the shock, or want a stiffer ride.

Mongoose Argus Expert Review

The Argus Expert has the same SLX® 2×10 drivetrain as the Argus Comp, but it sports a bigger chain ring with the Mega tooth 38/24T. We noticed we had a little more range with the FSA Comet crank, especially during steeper climbs. On the way down, the Shimano Blm506 hydraulic disc brakes had amazing stopping power and helped provide more control with 180mm rotors. These components combined, provided for quick gearing and even quicker stopping power.

Mongoose Argus Expert Review

The 100 mm wide rims are wrapped in Kenda Juggernaut 26×4.5″ folding bead tires that help create a huge contact patch with the ground. This extra contact made it much easier to get this bike on its side as we ripped through the burms. More contact = more control = more confidence and overall fun. Just make sure to fine tune the PSI for the most optimal ride based on the terrain you plan to hit.

Mongoose Argus Expert Review

The XL over-sized 35mm Alloy handle bar is enough to make you feel like a kid again. The handlebars are one of the most noticeable features when you first hop on this bike. It took a little getting used to, but after 20 minutes into the first ride, I quickly started to notice the added control. Just make sure to take extra notice when riding through some tight areas in the trails. Those extra millimeters make a difference and can quickly turn a fun ride into an abrupt stop. Luckily, we only had a few close calls, but that’s where the Shimano hydraulic disc brakes come in handy. The control doesn’t stop there. The Alloy pedals with replaceable studs also helped my feet to stay right where they needed to, even on wet days.

Capability & Durability:

argus-expert-disc-brakes-busted-wallet-reviewAfter several weeks of intense riding across rocky terrain, sandy beaches, bumpy roads, and a mix of elevations, the Mongoose Argus Expert proved it was up for the challenge and could handle a few good spills too. Because of the nature of the fat tires, you can adjust your ride accordingly based on the terrain you intend to ride. This made it much easier to float along the beach when the PSI was super low (around 4 PSI), and keep up the speed while ripping through the trails when the PSI was tuned up to 10+. Luckily I haven’t had the need to replace anything yet, but since the Argus Expert uses popular high end components, swapping them out shouldn’t be an issue if the time should come. These bikes are meant to take on some adventures, so it’s nice to know that the quality build is there when you need it and holds up to the limits.


mongoose-argus-expert-busted-wallet-review-frontIf you have never tried riding a Fat Tire Bike before, you’re missing out. Mongoose offers three different levels of fat tire bikes to choose from. If you have a chance to test one out before buying and you end up loving it, opt in for the Expert so you’ll have a bike that’ll last and is capable of tackling just about any terrain you throw at it. Depending on where you purchase this bike from, the price may look a little high compared to most fat tire bikes, but for what the Mongoose Argus Expert offers in components and build quality, it’s one of the best bang for the bucks for a higher end “Expert” level fat tire bike.

Find the Mongoose Argus Expert at local bike shop near you, or on $1799.00

Mongoose Argus Expert - Fat Tire Bike Review
The Argus Expert is a nice step up from the Argus Comp for those who want a little more out of their Fat Tire Bike. From the Bluto Suspension fork to the 4.6 inch tires - the Argus Expert will help you become less noob and more expert in no time.
The Good:
  • 4.6 inch FAT tires
  • Excellent components for the price
  • RockShox Bluto suspension fork
The Not So Good:
  • Frame welds not very polished
9.5Overall Score
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