Once the holidays are in official full swing it’s no secret that your average every day pop song or alt rock anthem both take a backseat to holiday music in all its glorious forms. There might be one slight exception to the rule, however, with the #UNameItChallenge by DJ Suede the Remix God. It’s a hot just-released track that will have you fantasizing about the Thanksgiving meal you had all year long. There was also a (throwback?) contribution with Ja Rule and Ashanti making their voices heard on the Hamilton Mixtape via Helpless.

Need a safe haven from the endless repetition of Baby It’s Cold Outside? Not to worry, as Spotify has got you covered with 55 NEW new music Friday tracks. Reinforcements can be found on our it-goes-six-months-back playlist, Busted Wallet’s New Music Friday All Stars.


pete-tong 10. Porcelain by Pete Tong

In the ever innovating world of dance house, dance music, or its newer successor EDM, there’s no limit to the different outlets one can entertain to make a new song sound fresh. So for Pete Tong, a legend and pioneer in the field, the choice to incorporate the Heritage Orchestra of East Sussex was a well-played hand. For his take on Moby’s classic Porcelain the ‘orchestra pop’ track brilliantly pulls out the heavy emotion of the song through its stringed instrument accompaniments. A 17 track compilation that’s not to be missed.


g-eazy9. Still by G-Eazy

“It can only get better” seems to be the unofficial theme of G-Eazy’s latest track, one of two new singles released by Oakland hot boy. While the other, Bone Marrow, focuses on that life where you’re ‘bad to the bone, yeah bone marrow’ Still is the underbelly side that’s none too eazy. It’s not the first time he’s made a track about anxiety kicking in and feeling of losing it despite there being plenty of checks to cash, and it’s for that reason he’s quickly become one of the most beloved rappers in the game.


anne-marie-peak-stripped-itunes-plus-m4a8. Peak (Stripped) by Anne-Marie

While it’s safe to say most historians will look back on 2016 and label it an absolute trash bucket of a year, there HAS been a fair share of sweet moments and releases to cherish. One such instance was the release of Anne-Marie’s “Alarm” which has that catchy-but-doesn’t-suck thing going for it. Now on the tail end of the year Anne-Marie is back with a slow and introspective jam for us to mule over. The stoicism with which she delivers blows like “I wish you could’ve been honest/Instead of trying to look cool” is enough to knock you over.


lizzy-land-sweet-melodies-2016-2480x24807. Sweet Melodies by Lizzy Land

It’s always a treat when a first time Spotify-er makes a big enough impression to be a stand out among a New Music Friday playlist, and Lizzy Land (tagline: It’s not a stage name!) is this week’s splashiest newcomer. Sweet Melodies hits on all counts of unique vocals, easygoing vibes, and interesting syncopations among the beat. With musings on the chorus like “I hear a love song playing in my head like, ooh ooh ooh ooh” it makes it a great track for running errands and getting things done with ease.


matt-maeson6. Cringe by Matt Maeson

There’s nothing cringey about this track focusing on encounters full of cringe amongst two lovers. The song is all gentle strums of the guitar in the verses and a rocking chorus, which basically boils down to “You’ve changed.” “Nope, I’m just tired.” It makes for a ultra engaging track, and is easy to sing along with for bonus points. The Virginia Beach native knocked out Grave Digger earlier in the year, which has its own bombastic but somber thematics. No word yet if we can expect a full album anytime soon, but we’ll be awaiting it eagerly until that time comes.


moana5. You’re Welcome by Jordan Fisher, Lin-Manuel Miranda

Though he’s still relatively new in terms of universal familiarity, we’re sensing a pattern of ‘every thing he touches turns to gold’ with Mr. Hamilton himself, Lin-Manuel Miranda. And since he had a heavy hand in the construction of the Moana soundtrack, it’s a safe bet that it will be critically acclaimed and well received. You’re Welcome is a charming track from the point of Maui, the demigod protagonist voiced by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The movie has a track with Dwayne singing, but the soundtrack recruited young talent Jordan Fisher, in a change over that’s executed effortlessly.


rag-n-bone4. Human (Acoustic) by Rag’n’Bone Man

Nothing seems to humanize yourself more than taking a hot track you’ve put out and stripping it bare acoustically. We’ve been loving Rag’n’Bone’s new track since summer time, and it feels like the acoustic version came at just the right time “I’m only human, after all, don’t put the blame on me.” The song’s power and vulnerability are still all in tact, and truthfully it’s a great way to appreciate the tremendous power Rory Graham’s voice carries.


the-weeknd3. Six Feet Under by The Weeknd

Being that The Weeknd is such a beloved (and often played!) artist, Spotify was generous with Abel’s latest album Starboy, featuring 5 new tracks on this week’s New Music Friday playlist. While each has their own merits, Six Feet Under was our favorite (of the 5), an ode to getting that paper….six feet under or not. While he’s not officially credited, Future makes his appearance on the track’s chorus, hyping and backing up The Weeknd by uttering ‘Gon’ turn that ass around.’


rolling-stones2. Ride ‘Em On Down by The Rolling Stones

“I’ll go keep on dealing until I find myself a bed’ might be a perfect reflection of where The Rolling Stones stand in their career, surprising everybody and nobody continuing to put out new recordings while its band members approach their mid seventies. The band’s never shied away from doing their own version of Blues classics, and here they pick up and add a bit of kick to Eddie Taylor’s often covered Ride ‘Em On Down. Press play when your toes are in need of tappin’.


beyonce-daddy-lessons1. Daddy Lessons by Beyoncé, The Dixie Chicks

If you’re like us and remember where you were on April 23rd 2016 when Beyonce’s Lemonade dropped, you probably remember hearing Daddy Lessons for the first time and thinking, “Damn! Bey went Country!” And of course, as Beyonce is wont to do, she absolutely killed it. Following the her iconic (but not retweeted) performance at the CMA’s with Dixies Chicks, the two teams took to the studio and re-recorded with DC properly added to the track. While we’re still eager for Lemonade’s presence on Spotify, we’ll happily take this promising track and replay it into oblivion.

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