With 2016 freshly shook off with a Mariah Carey farewell, the freshest of new music is back and we’re ready to tackle every new music track 2017 has to offer. To aide in the celebration are some familiar artists; Sam Hunt has already broken his New Year’s Resolution on Drinkin’ Too Much, The Flaming Lips sing of a long cold winter on ‘We a Family,’ and Kanye West and Tyga make it a family affair on ‘Feel Me.’

We can hardly wait to share all the tracks we find so fresh in the coming year; for a full run down of this week’s newest head over to Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist. For the last six months of curated freshness check out Busted Wallet’s own New Music Friday All Stars.


snakehips10. Don’t Leave by Snakehips, MØ

With big partnership tracks with the likes of Zayn and Tinashe, it’s only natural that MØ would make a play at a power collab of her own (Lean On anyone?) with Snakehips, steadily becoming one of the most sought after electro duos in the game. The track gently unfolds with plenty staccato points for emphasis. Lines like “I may not ever get my sh!t together, but ain’t nobody gonna love you better” are sure to connect with fans, and we’re hoping we can get that line on a Valentine’s Day card next month.


the-shins9. Name For You by The Shins

It’s no secret that coming up with names in music, be it band names, tracks or albums, is tricky stuff to get just right. So when The Shins come out with a track Name For You, we totally get it, esp. was they say “They got a name for you girls, what’s in a name? Blah blah-blah blah.” Turns out there’s a little more meaning here, as lead singer James Mercers states the track was penned to empower his daughters. Empowerment for fans as well, as the forthcoming album Heartworms, is the band’s first in fiver years.


the-xx-say-something-loving-song8. Say Something Loving by The xx

Love is in the air on The xx’s latest track off I See You, their latest album finally schedudle to be released next week on January 13th. With lines like “When I gave up, I found love” and “I don’t know what this is, but it doesn’t feel wrong” it has us swooning. Fitting then, that Romy Madley Croft just announced her engagement on New Year’s day. We’ve been wowed by every new track that’s come out in relation to I See You, giving us more than a feeling that I See You will be fantastic.


born-cages7. Ain’t Gonna Happen by Born Cages

We’re getting serious festival vibes off of Ain’t Gonna Happen from this American indie band, heavy on the synth in a way that makes one want to spin around and around in an open field. With a name like Ain’t Gonna Happen you’d think the track be drenched in pessimism, and sure there’s a twinge of that here, but the main takeaway repeated line is “everybody’s falling in love while the world keeps falling apart” which gives us something to believe in.


sundara-karma6. Deep Relief by Sundara Karma

Known more in their most famous tracks of getting down in the name of hope and loveblood, here Sundara Karma takes an Arcade Fire turn and are smoldering and brooding looking for a Deep Relief. The band used the track to help them kickoff their latest album, Youth Is Only Ever Fun in Retrospect, a line you’ll find in this track at the 1:37 mark.


rascal-flatts-if-you-want-it-single-cover5. Yours If You Want It by Rascal Flatts

There’s nothing like the power country genre to give you an extra kick and get you moving into gear. Yours If You Want It gets fast out of the gates and powers through until the end. In between a holiday album and a tour kicking off this week for the band, the song comes as a bittersweet tribute, as Nashville powerhouse and writer on the track, Andrew Dorff, passed away in December. Fitting then, that the track serves a reminder to seize everything life has to offer and never take anything for granted.


dirty-projectors4. Little Bubble – edit by Dirty Projectors

There are some styles of indie music that, much like savoring and detecting the notes in a glass of wine, must be dissected to appreciate, rather than, in the style of slamming beer after beer, the way you would power through a pop hits playlist. Dirty Projectors with its arthouse feel and Bjork collaborations is one such artist. Little Bubble starts out slow and never really breaks a sweat, but gives you much to marinate on. Best to be replayed at least 3 times for full appreciation.


dua-lipa3. Thinkin’ Bout You by Dua Lipa

2016 turned out to be an absolutely breakout year for Dua Lipa, as we got turnt at the same time getting to know the British 21 year old. Now she takes us on a ride for a slow jam about a slow burn. Sleeping later, breathing stronger, digging deeper are just some of the side effects of this predicament. Hopefully it’s just a mildly lingering feeling, as Dua’s got a big year ahead of her with her first official full album set to be put out February 10th.


lupe-fiasco2. Wild Child by Lupe Fiasco (feat. Jake Torrey)

There are the rappers that are known for their slaying everything around them and then there are those rappers that just make you feel good – Chance The Rapper, Raury, and most definitely Lupe Fiasco. Wild Child will get you feeling when it cold outside, the month of May – you’ll want to stick around for the breakdown at the 2:20 mark. For reinforcements Lupe recruited newcomer Jake Torrey for some harmonies.


ed-sheeran-shape-you1. Shape of You by Ed Sheeran

No doubt the big news of the week in new music was the return of Ed Sheeran. It bears mentioning that before Drake was the first to nab the 1 billion played on Spotify mark with One Dance, the heaviest Spotify artist in rotation was our friend Ed with tracks off of X. We get a new taste here with two new tracks Castle on the Hill and Shape of You. Shape of You is the catchier of the two, in that we know we’ll have this memorized and stuck in our heads in a matter of days. No info on a new album just yet.

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