We’re just one month into 2016 and it’s no surprise TaylorMade Golf is at it again! This time around launching a new set of golf clubs dubbed the ‘M2’ family. Following the incredible success of the M1 line of drivers, woods and rescues in 2015 our pals at TMAG decided it was time to up the ante with a fully family of clubs utilizing multi-material construction to deliver. . . you guessed it, “Maximum Distance and Forgiveness.” I mean come on, who doesn’t need both? A show of hands around the BW office indicates that’s exactly what every golfer is looking for. TaylorMade didn’t mention anything about consistency, but then again that’s what the driving range is for.

From the outset the M2 family looks quite handsome. We like the gunmetal appeance of the irons and the gold accents. Stylistically the driver and woods are what you’ve come to expect from TaylorMade in the past 7 years. The two tone crown (half white half black carbon fiber) looks nice too. A little non-traditional, but we dig it.


Beyond their good looks these clubs are packing some features and specs that look incredible on paper. Here’s the full run down…

193901-M2 Driver 3_4 HQ-dc039f-original-1453429530M1 Driver:

Much like the M1, TaylorMade outfitted the new M2 Driver with the same carbon composite crown design. This design results in a significant decrease in overall crown weight and with that, engineers have been able to lower the CG by 5 grams. That might not sound like much, but that discretionary weight savings is said to generate a remarkably hot trajectory with maximized forgiveness. In the M1 driver that 5 grams was used for the “T-Slider”. You’ll notice that the M2 has no slider whatsoever.

The M2 also utilizes inverted cone technology and a redsigned Speed Pocket for better ball speed and accuracy on mis-hits.

If you’re looking for adjustability the M2 looks like a good choice. With a 12 position loft sleeve, the M2 driver provides up to four degrees of loft adjustment. In addition to the stock Fujikura Pro shaft, TaylorMade will offer upwards of 30 additional premium custom shaft options at no upcharge.

Pricing and Availability: Available on February 19 at $399 USD, the M2 driver is available in 9.5°, 10.5° & 12° loft options in both right and left hand models.

193905-M2 FW3 3_4 HQ-e43484-original-1453429530M2 Fairway Wood:

Said to deliver exceptional distance with superior look and feel, the M2 Fairway Wood is actually quite similar to the M2 driver. Engineered with TMAG’s multi-material carbon crown, this fairway wood has 5g of discretionary weight savings, delivering an extremely low CG.  Look out for the new, fluted hosel design that is said to provide superior sound and feel without compromising distance.

No adjustability here, just a good looking wood that has some proven technology behind it.

Pricing and Availability: Available on February 19 at $249 USD, the M2 fairway is offered in five lofts – 15˚, 16.5˚, 18˚ (RH & LH) and 21˚ & 24˚ (RH only), equipped with a TaylorMade Reax 65 (S, X), 55 (R, M), or 45 (L).

193902-M2 Rescue 3_4 HQ-9328ed-original-1453429530M2 Rescue:

Taking queues from the M2 fairway wood, the M2 Rescue was designed to deliver effortless launch to get you on the green from the thick stuff or off the fairway. A redesigned open channel Speed Pocket is said to create a large sweet spot for big distance and forgiveness with low spin… something we all can appreciate.

TaylorMade has been in the rescue/hybrid game for as long as anyone. The M2 has a traditional look at address which we like. As with the rest of the M2 line-up, TMAG says it is hungry for yardage and delivers maximum distance.

Pricing and Availability: Also available on February 19 at $199 USD, M2 Rescue is offered in four lofts: 19°, 22°, (RH & LH) 25° & 28° (RH only) is equipped with a TaylorMade Reax 75 (S), 65 (R), 55 (M), or 45 (L) shaft.

193891-Firebird 3_4 HQ-45a2be-original-1453427718M2 Irons:

Utilizing Inverted Cone Technology, a new 3D badge and TMAG’s Speed Pocket technology, the M1 irons are said to be filthy long! How do they do it? Good question… by moving weight from the face and hosel they were able to yet again lower the CG, which delivers high ball speed, an optimized launch angle and spin rates that promote exceptional distance and high peak trajectory.

Pricing and Availability: Available at retail on February 19, M2 irons ($799 steel; $899 graphite) will be offered in 4-iron through PW and AW with SW & LW also available. Players will have a choice of REAX 88 High Launch steel shafts (S, R) or M2 REAX graphite shafts (45/L, 55/M, 65/R or 75/S) in addition to numerous additional custom shaft options.

And there you have it. Is this the new set your bag is looking for in 2016? Stay tuned to Busted Wallet for our full in-depth review of the entire M2 family of clubs coming later this spring. We’ll take these clubs to the range and to the course to see if they are everything they’re cracked up to be.

To learn more about the M2 family head over to TaylorMade.com 

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