Celebrating it’s 1 year anniversary this month, Bacardi Oakheart is a spiced rum that has been specially aged in charred American white oak barrels to achieve it’s bold oak flavor that is said to be smooth yet robust. Oakheart is produced from select Bacardi amber rums which go through a mellowing process in charred oak barrels. Before being filtered through a proprietary process the distillers add spices such as maple, cinnamon, nutmeg, honey and vanilla to the mix. The result is said to be a bold rum with an amber hue, a hint of smokiness and a unique velvet-like smoothness. Last week in celebration of Oakheart’s 1 year anniversary we called-in a favor to our friends over at the Bacardi Distillery and setup a tasting. We sniffed, sipped and mixed until the bottle was dry, and today we’re pleased to share the results of our tasting session with you!


– The Review –

  • Proof: 70 (35% AVB)
  • Age: Blended
  • Nose: Oak, caramel, vanilla
  • Flavors: Vanilla, oak, molasses, caramel
  • Taste: A- (Excellent)
  • Mixability: A- (Excellent)
  • Buzz Factor: C+ (Above Average)
  • Price: $12.99 USD (750 ml)
Overall: We give Bacardi Oakheart a B+ (Highly Recommended) Fans of spiced rum will enjoy it’s not so subtle complexities and delightfully smooth smokey oak infused profile. It’s the perfect companion for a quick mix with cola and has even become a popular sipper around the Busted Wallet office after hours. Just add a few cubes of ice and it’s good to go! Oakheart’s affordable price tag, smooth profile and iconic packaging make it an excellent addition to Bacardi’s seemingly ever growing rum portfolio. Next time you get a hankering for spiced rum give Oakheart a whirl… you can thank us later!

Mix it up with… “The Zombie”

Ingredients: 2 parts Bacardi Oakheart Rum, 1.5 parts Bacardi Gold Rum, 1 part triple sec, 2 parts sweet and sour mix, 2 parts orange juice, 1 part grenadine.
Directions: Shake ingredients with ice. Pour into tall glass over ice. Garnish with fresh fruit. Optional. For a spooky twist, replace grenadine with blue curacao.
Buy Now: $12.99 or go to: Bacardi.com

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