April Fools Day is great! I think we all can agree. It’s the one day of the year you get to play pranks on the unsuspecting and not be held accountable for your poor taste. Mostly it’s ladies pulling the old fake pregnancy gag, men with the cheating bit, or simple office pranks like the air-horn under the chair. Classic pranks that work flawlessly almost every time and are usually only funny to the prank-er not the prank-ee. Hey, at least someone’s laughing!

In years gone by the stakes have been raised and the pranks keep getting grander and grander. April Fools Day also marks an opportunity for savvy marketing pros and brand managers to cash in with some tom-foolery of their own and gain viral exposure from simple minded people on social media. This year has been no exception. In fact here’s a few April Fools announcements that caught our attention.

Jordan Shipley’s MELK

“Those cows are mean!”

Vergin Amerca’s New Logo

Keep an eye on the logos pinned to the board, some are NSFW.

Rocky Patel Runs For President

Posted by our friends at Famous Smoke Shop. Cigar fans will get a kick out of this one.

Corn Hub

Your favorite adult site has gone vegetarian…


Snoop Vision

360 Vizzle my nizzle!


Uber + Grub Hub…


As the nation’s leading online and mobile food ordering company, we’re proud to announce a new product extension that will make it easier for millions of people nationwide to catch a ride. The new offering, called Grüber, marks a new era in ride-sharing, olfactory delight, efficiency and transportation magic. It will allow people who love both the smell of food and new cars, and the delight of a car showing up the moment they need transportation, to hitch a ride with Grubhub’s restaurant delivery drivers.

Grüber utilizes a set of unique assets — Grubhub’s deep expertise in on-demand restaurant logistics and extensive knowledge of delivery and food preparation — to create a best-in-class, easy-to-use product. People can now open the Grubhub app, click on the Grüber button to active the geo-location feature and request a ride. Then, one of Grubhub’s drivers will magically show up. Read more…


Google Self Driving Bikes

Biking safer, smarter and easier…


Love your shows and find love with the shows you love to love with Huludatr.


McDonald’s Mmmbox Subscription Service

The McRib is back Jack!


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