Weighing in at a feathery 10.6 ounces, the adizero Tour golf shoes were designed by Adidas Golf‘s mad scientists to keep golfers exceptionally low to the ground and remarkably stable no matter the conditions. Their initial goal… to create a no-nonsense golf shoe with a superior fit and super-lightweight comfort that is fully capable of delivering tour-proven performance without sacrificing style or (more importantly) stability. If you ask us, it sounds like they may have bitten off more than they can chew!? Though, just recently our trusted review staff was given an unique opportunity when flashy pair of pre-release adizero Tour’s arrived at our office for testing and review.

adizero Tour Key Features:

I’m always looking to add comfort and lightweight elements to my game, rounds on the course get long and it’s vital to have footwear that helps you perform, the adizero golf shoe gives me the tools to stay light on my feet and feel closer to the ground through each step and swing.-Sergio Garcia, PGA Tour Pro

– The Review –


(9.5 out of 10) We have nothing but high praise for the adizero Tour in this department. While yes, they do require a small amount of breaking-in before they’re 100% “forget you’re even wearing them comfy,” they’re still likely to be the most comfortable golf shoes we’ve tested to-date. Their excessive comfort is due in large part to the fact that they’re so damn light! Some how the crew at Adidas found a way to cut its weight down 38% from previous models and more than 40% lower than the competitors (FootJoy, Nike and ECCO). Additionally each pair of adizero’s come with two interchangeable insoles to maximize performance and comfort. The FITFOAM sockliner provides a soft cushy feel that is great for lugging your bag for 18 holes (or more), while the CLOUDFOAM insole is ultra lightweight. After more than 36 holes and countless hours with our feet encased in these shoes we’re happy to report the last thing you’ll be thinking about mid-back swing is your aching feet.


(9 out of 10) Slightly resembling football cleats, the adizero’s have a stylish and truly athletic look and feel when they’re on your feet. We were impressed with their extremely low-profile which kept our feet firmly intact with the turf at every moment, specifically during the golf swing (more on that in a bit). We were also surprised by how well these shoes breath. The perforated tongue and collar allow for hours of wear on the course without getting “swampy” with sweat. Shockingly the adizero Tour’s are also waterproof… that is if of course if you’re coming into contact no more than 3 inches of water. Once you get any deeper than that water meets the tongue and the flood gates are open!


(10 out of 10) With ten replaceable Thintech low-profile golf spikes and hundreds of turf gripping plastic molded spikes populating the bottom of each adizero from heel to tip, there’s little reason to doubt their outrageous stability and traction. But in the interest of science we put these golf shoes to the test in some pretty hairy conditions, including pavement, mud, and even a little snow! In each case we came away with nothing but respect for Adidas’s aggressive design. (which also doubles as a wicked back scratcher in a pinch!)


(8 out of 10) We found the stitching and craftsmanship that when into these golf shoes to be outstanding! After more than 36 holes and countless hours at the range the adizero’s we tested came back with little more than a few surface scratches and some minor fraying on one of the laces. In our opinion these golf shoes were built to last and should provide many seasons great… and not so great golf shots.


(8.5 out of 10) Priced at the upper end of the golf shoe market, the adizero Tour’s are a serious purchase at nearly $200. Though, after breaking them in and discovering their comfort and stability it’s our opinion that expert and avid golfers alike will find that they’re getting precisely what they’ve paid for in these golf shoes. With no buyers remorse. An added bonus the adizero’s come with Adidas’s 2-year waterproof warranty and a 90 day comfort guarantee.

The Bottom Line:

Serious golfers deserve serious equipment. Period. And while yes, there are a plethora of options out there (which we encourage you to explore) when it comes to golf shoes we can personally vouch for the adizero Tour and its impressive features. If you’re looking for a golf shoe that is insanely light, down right comfy and is as excellent for walking 18 as it is for riding 18 then we suggest you find a way to try these turf ripping beasts on for yourself. Once you get them laced up you’ll discover what it is to be “one with the golf course.”
Okay, enough about what we think about the adizero Tour, let’s hear what the pros have to say. Check out the embedded video to hear from PGA Tour Pros, Dustin Johnson, Jason Day, Sergio Garcia and Camilo Villegas as the explain what makes these golf shoes the greatest thing since golf did away with the stymie rule.

Buy Now: $180 or go to: AdidasGolf.com

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