The Dyson AM05 Hot + Cool is the product of over three years in research and development by 22 engineers. Making it quite possibly the biggest step forward in fan technology since… well, ever. Dyson might be best known for their futuristic, agile and suction efficient vacuums, but they’re also quickly becoming trend setters when it comes to whole room heating and cooling. Specifically with their blade-less technology – otherwise known as “Air Multiplier technology” that has now been revamped to allow for both heating and cooling in one handsome package.

This patented technology draws air in through the fan base into a mixed flow impeller – a combination of technologies used in turbochargers and jet engines. Air is then accelerated through a 2.5mm aperture set within the loop amplifier. This creates a jet of air which passes over an airfoil-shaped ramp channeling its direction. Surrounding air is drawn into the airflow, amplifying it six times in a process known as inducement and entrainment. The whole idea behind this technology is to provide safe and smooth airflow for efficient heating and cooling in any room of your home or office.
Dyson AM05 Silver/White Fan Heater Dining Room
Recently Dyson presented with an opportunity to fully test and review the AM05 Hot + Cool fan in the not-so-well insulated offices of Busted Wallet HQ. With fall setting in we’ve had ample time to test both the cooling and heating functions, as well as discuss its overall design, noise, value etc… that being said, there’s little left for us to share besides our review and opinions. But before we get too far – here’s some interesting features that you may want to take a look at… 

Dyson AM05 Hot + Cool Key Features:

Dyson AM05 Silver/White Fan Heater
  • Heat distribution:  The AM05 amplifies surrounding air for long-range heat projection. 
  • Cooling: The AM05 draws in up to 6 gallons of air per second, generating high airflow and air velocity to cool you effectively. There are no blades – just an uninterrupted stream of smooth air.
  • Safety: The AM05 has no blades or visible heating elements and turns off automatically if tipped over.
  • Energy efficient: The AM05 is efficient because it heats and cools a room quickly and evenly, using an intelligent thermostat to control the temperature – switching heat on and off automatically.
  • Touch-tilt: The AM05 pivots on its own center of gravity and tilts 10° from upright in both directions, so you can direct airflow where you want it.
  • Remote control: The AM05 remote can be used to turn the machine on and off and to adjust oscillation, temperature and airflow power.
  • Weight: Approximately 5.3 lbs.
The Dyson AM05 Hot + Cool not only heats a room, but it does it in a smart safe way. You see – when dust collects inside conventional heaters it can emit a worrying burning smell. The heating elements of AM05 never exceed 392°F, which is below dust burning point. Genius!
Fan heaters rely on inefficient motors or dust friendly grilles. As the heat rises you’re left with a partially heated room and a worrying burning smell. We’ve developed a heater that heats the whole room, without you having to constantly adjust the temperature. -James Dyson


– Dyson AM05 Hot + Cool Review – 



(10 out of 10) The design of the Dyson AM05 Hot + Cool is truly unique – the technology that’s gone into the production of this fan is simply incredible. Without getting too technical, some of our favorite design qualities that the AM05 delivers is first – its ultra sleek/modern appearance. The shape of this fan is unlike any other you’ll find anywhere. The blade-less design is patented and exclusive to Dyson. No blades = safety for children, pets and immature spouses (you know who you are!) Not to mention it’s incredibly easy to clean as well. 
Secondly, the fact that it is both a cooling and heating fan. This dual purpose is excellent for cooling off in the summer and heating up in the winter… or (as in our case) cooling down in the day and heating up in the evening during fall. And since it’s 30% more efficient than traditional fans and heaters, it’s not going to drive up your electric bill either.
Finally we’d regret not mentioning how easy this fan is to operate (as a fan should be). With all the technology packed into its nearly 2-foot tall frame we were expecting some lengthy instructions, but to our excitement none of that was necessary. The Dyson remote is intuitive and functional with integrated power on/off, speed control, heating/cooling and oscillation control buttons. The fan itself even allows you to pick a temperature in heat mode so that the fan will automatically kick off once it reaches a desired room temperature. From a design aspect, the Dyson AM05 Hot + Cool is a technological masterpiece.


(5 out of 10) When adjusted below 5 on the airflow setting this fan generates low noise that is hardly noticeable, but when cranked any higher than 5 the fan does become increasingly louder. I personally didn’t mind the white noise created by the AM05 even at its highest settings, but several of our contributors around the office complained that it was a bit loud for their liking.
I guess the true assessment of noise generated by the AM05 was when we actually had to turn up the volume on the office TV from 12 where it’s typically fixed up to 20 (we gotta have our Sports Center). In the end, the noise created by this fan is going to be a personal preference issue. I personally wouldn’t say that it is loud, but I can’t say it’s stealthy quite either.


(9 out of 10) During some recent chilly nights I was able to test the heating capabilities of the AM05 in my bedroom. Being the furthest room from the furnace in my house keeping my bedroom warm can be an issue during the colder months. I’ve tried space heaters in the past with limited success and large electric bills. My hope for the AM05 was that it would control the temperature in my bedroom at a perfect (for me) 72 degrees. 
After just three nights of testing, the heating capabilities of the AM05 were immediately apparent. The fan provides nice “white noise” while running and un-noticeably kicks on and off to keep the temperature regulated throughout the night. As fall creeps into winter i’m excited to test the heating capabilities more, but as it stands right now I am truly impressed.


(9 out of 10) On hot summer days this fan proved to be a life saver. The Dyson AM05 Hot + Cool delivers a smooth (and powerful) stream of air that not only circulates the air, but also cools it with it Dyson’s patented Air Multiplier technology. With normal fans buffeting and wind turbulence is and issue, but with the Dyson AM05 Hot + Cool you don’t experience any of that. All you get is what I would compare to a breeze… steady continual wind, and it’s fantastic for cooling off a room.


(7 out of 10) The sticker shock the Dyson AM05 Hot + Cool fan presents is going to be hard to overcome for most families living on a budget, but when you consider that it’s not only a fan but also a heater, the initial steepness in price begins to flatten out. Based on our hands-on testing we found the AM05 to be worth it asking price of $399, but would love to see it on-sale or price reduced to a more easy to afford $299. 

The Bottom Line

We were overwhelmingly impressed with this fan. How impressed could you actually be about a fan you might ask? Well, it’s been the highlight of our hot summer afternoons for over a month now and my personal sleeping pill that keeps the bedroom perfectly regulated at night. If you’re looking for the end-all-be-all heating and cooling solution we’d suggest you look no further than the Dyson AM05 Hot + Cool. It can be a little noisy for some, but putting that aside we found it to be very user friendly, safe, easy to clean and best of all perfectly functional as a both heater and cooling fan. If you have the doe, we say drop it, on a Dyson AM05 Hot + Cool and thank us later.

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