Blaring your favorite tunes on the beach or in the backyard have a new meaning with the Monster Audio Rockin’ Roller 2 Portable Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Speaker. This is a speaker that packs a hefty punch. Not only is it loaded with a ton of features, it also provide 80 Watts of pure musical bliss. Monster Audio is a leading company in some pretty sweet audio equipment.  They know their stuff and one thing you can be sure of, there is no fuzzy, muffled audio coming from this speaker. Best part, rain or shine, this speaker won’t let you down. The durable plastic shell and metal speaker grill protects it from the elements of mother nature. Now, Busted Wallet has definitely done their share of audio speaker reviews. The Rockin’ Roller 2 has held to the level of standards that Monster holds. This is one great speaker.

Key Features:

  • Rockin' Roller 2 ReviewEasy Bluetooth connect feature with audio confirmation
  • AUX input for additional audio sources
  • LED Lights for easy viewing at night
  • FM Radio to jam out to your local stations plus has preset capability
  • USB Port for device charging
  • EQ Presets and Bluetooth/AUX Mode
  • Near filed communication and easy pairing protocol for android devises
  • Built in rechargeable battery lasting up to 100 hours
  • 2 USB Ports for charging iPhone
  • Telescoping handle and wheels for easy mobility
  • Cable Storage


  • Size: 7” x 20.6” x 9.05”
  • Weight: 21lbs
  • Operating temperature: 0°~ 40°C
  • Operation Humidity: 40-90% RH
  • Storage Temp: -25° ~ 70°C
Monster Rockin’ Roller 2 Breakdown

Rockin' Roller 2 ReviewDesign:

The Rockin’ Roller 2 is loaded with some sweet features. Right off the bat we loved that the speaker came almost fully charged. It is recommend letting it charge for 6 hours before the first use, but we got the music blaring right away. Bonus is that the speaker does work while plugged in.  There is an on/off switch to be able to manually shut down the speaker but the sweat spot is the auto standby and auto power off feature so the battery won’t drain. That’s a good thing because the battery is insane! There is a red and green led light indicator to show the battery level. With the touch of a button, the lights will illuminate indicating how much juice you have left in the battery.  This battery is what gives the speaker the 100+ hour playtime so there are no worries about the party going silent.

There are also two outlets and two USB ports to charge your phone or other devices.  Oh, and we cannot forget to mention the telescoping handle that pulls up allowing you to roll the speaker from place to place. If you are not about to roll it around, now worries because  it’s only a mere 21 lbs, which we thought is pretty light for the durability, sound and size that this speaker packs.

Audio Quality:

Now this is what we call a speaker! Packing an 80 watt omni-directional speaker, this will surely get the party started. It might even gain the interest of your neighbors. Don’t worry, they’ll want to join in when they hear the sound quality playing from this speaker. The sound that the speaker produces was clean and balanced.  A cool feature is the EQ presets to control the treble and bass to your liking. We preferred the rock setting, it was clear sounding with the perfect level of bass.

Pairing:Rockin' Roller 2 Review

Ok, we have to hand it to Monster on this pairing thing. We used the iPhones to pair with the speaker and holy cow was that one of the easiest tasks. Use either Bluetooth or NFC to connect. Even better is that every time we turn it on, the speaker tells us it is pairing with the phone then confirms when its connected. It’s like our own talking speaker, so cool! Now you can listen to voicemails through the speaker, but you are not able to have a phone conversation through it. While some may find that to be annoying, we thought it would be a little awkward to be having a conversation through a giant speaker anyways.


Well there is a lot to the speaker. While not only is the sound and performance awesome, there is so much more the speaker offers. Like we mentioned above, it is lightweight, durable, and VERY mobile. Like we mentioned, just lift up the telescoping handle and you can roll it behind you where ever you want to go. The airport, the mall, the movies, the sky is the limit. Though we would probably suggest against those locations for obvious reasons. With the two outlets and two USB ports, charging your phone and plugging in electronics is a breeze. Plus there is a small storage pocket on the side that you can keep cords, electronics, etc. in a safe spot away from the rain or sun.

Rockin' Roller 2 ReviewDurability:

The Rockin’ Roller 2 is a tank that in meant to withstand the forces of nature. Designed to be weather resistant for indoor/outdoor and rain or shine, there is nothing stopping the sound from this speaker. The metal speaker grill gives the speaker an added protection against mother nature. The exterior is a durable plastic to handle any kicks, falls, or knock overs. It can get pretty crazy when the music is rockin’ after all.


Hands down this is worth the price of the speaker. We have found it anywhere from $129 – $199. The sound, functionality, durability, and ease of use makes it worth every penny. Then of course add in the weather resistance and you have yourself the dream speaker. One thing that we wanted to note is that we have been testing it for the past 3 weeks and many people have talked about issues of poor electrical on the units and we have not had one issue. We have played well over 100 hours of music and the speaker is working perfectly. This is definitely a speaker you should get for your next outdoor outing.

Buy Now: $159 or go to

Monster Rockin' Roller 2 - Tech Review
The Rockin' Roller 2 is a big portable speaker that produces some great sound. With two outlets and two USB ports, charging phones and plugging in other electronics are never an issue. The speaker's durable design makes it suitable for rain or shine. This was a great speaker to test out.
Audio Quality10
  • The sound produced by the 80 watt omni-directional speaker is insane
  • East Bluetooth connecting with audio confirmation
  • The speaker is functional, easily mobile, and very durable
  • We don't have any. This is an awesome speaker!
10Overall Score
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73 Responses

  1. larry snoke

    very over rated,mine was a xmas gift 2016 the battery level lights stopped working and test level .Only used it a couple dozen times indoors, Cost me as much to send it in paying for shipping, parts labor. Waiting for the rest to go shortly . DON’T WASTE YOUR $$$$$. Garbage if you ask me.

    • Rich Calvert

      i had this speaker for about a month and the battery stopped holding a charge and would not work even while plugged in. When it was working, this things was amazing and i got plenty of compliments. They have also stopped selling these in Sams club because of all the problems, they still do offer the mini, but i wasn’t really happy with the sound.

      • Justin Raha

        Thanks Rich for the feedback! We still haven’t had any issues with our speaker yet. We will keep you posted if we experience anything similar.

      • TONY B.

        I know mine will not charge just keeps blinking red. I got it to turn on for a few seconds but turns off. Havnt had it but a few months and liked it alot while it was working.

      • Thomas George

        Chang the battery.. order on from Amazon.. about $25.00

    • Justin Raha

      Hey Larry,

      Thanks for the feedback! That’s a bummer about your speaker breaking down. We have had our speaker since March and we haven’t experienced any issues yet and hope we don’t We love this speaker! We will keep you posted if something similar happens to ours. Thanks again!

      • Patrick

        After 2 months this thing just died. The battery will not charge and all of the controls have stopped working. I have read several other reviews from many who have had the same problem. Don’t waste you money on this product.

    • sam

      same happens with me. only 4 monts of use. battery level lights stop working.

      • Mark Hacksaw

        I got one week and returned it for another cause I loved the sound. The second one lasted about 6 months and the tech line told me I was SOL basically. Dont buy this product the company does not stand behind their merchandise

      • Rosie

        Rosie. .2 months with it and the charge lights don’t turn green only the red one is lit. Doesn’t charge any more.

    • Michelle Mehfoud

      Mine also lost the ability to charge–I see it is a common problem based on the web feedback. Sad, because up until this, the product was working well. I got about 7 months use before it stopped working.

  2. Charlie Tate

    I’ve had mine 12/25/2015 (x-mas), today it just got the no charge issue. Checked the chord for damage (none), checked the power chord outlet (no damage), tried different electrical outlets, still won’t take a charge. 🙁 If repair costs are as much as people are saying……… It’s time for some target practice!!

    • Joshua Moede

      Take the battery out and use a car charger. The charger inside the unit went bad is all.

    • Justin Raha

      Hello George,

      I think you can still get it on I also just googled Monster Rockin’ Roller 2 and there are google sites that sell it too.

      Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any other questions.

  3. faberoptic

    I won this thing at a company party back in February. One day, I noticed that the battery level indicator wouldn’t light up anymore, even though the speaker still played on battery power. Finally, it died altogehter. It’s apparent to me that the battery charging circuitry is faulty. I called up Monster tech support and was advised the diagnostic alone would be $25 plus the cost of shipping this beastly thing back to California. I expressed my disappointment, and was met with complete and utter indifference. Thankfully, this was a prize and I didn’t spend money on it. Wouldn’t recommend this product at all, if it can’t even make it past 4 months of light use. Avoid at any price.

    • Thomas George

      Tech support admitted to me they had a bunch of defective batteries. If your monster radio quit working remove back panel to get to the battery. Order a replacement battery in kind from Amazon….about 28.00. Wal La it is fixed.

      • mike

        where do you access to change out the battery? I took off both side panels and didnt see anything figured I would ask someone who has done it before I rip the whole thing apart

      • mike

        I just re read your review and the question has been answered. should have paid closer attention my bad

      • Jonathan

        Thanks for this. Mine will only hold a charge for about 3 hours. I will try this.

      • Richard Crawford

        You wouldn’t have a part number for the battery would you?

      • Mike Foster

        Only works with AC. Or replace the entire charger motherboard!

  4. Oli Woolsey

    ‘Bought mine from Sam’s Club and it stopped working after about 3-4 months. It was great when it worked. Now won’t charge or work while plugged in. Anybody got a fix for this? Can it be direct wired to avoid the battery? Sending back to factory seems like a waste of time. Thanks in advance for any feedback.

  5. Jerry Young

    Had it for six months was work just fine everyone was so crazy about it until it stop working ,battery would not hold a charger ,outlets / usb not working . can I get a replacement,

  6. Harley

    Also a 2015 Christmas gift from Sam’s Club. Same issue with the charging lights not working and now it wont hold a charge. Still rockin from the wall outlet…for now…

  7. Ashley Carter

    Same issue on mine, although it for about a year now. Battery will last for about 2 hours only at what it says is fully charged. Not pleased.

  8. Juan

    Just experienced the battery not charging issues. And i have only used this speaker ONCE. Has anyone had any luck getting it repaired by Monster under warranty? I purchased this in early April of this year.

  9. Morgan

    I only wish I had read these reviews – I too have the not charging ; Led controls not working . Considering sending it back (still within warranty) . Will update all on how i’m treated.

    I guess it’s time to buy the Marley

  10. Stan

    I had mine for over a year and everything still works fine. I just had it out at a family gathering of close to 100 people at a park with everyone sitting at different park tables. I used ipod Nano on Bluetooth. We jammed for 5 hours on the battery alone. Several people were asking where they can buy one. It was a party for us! I love my Rockin Roller!!

  11. Don

    Piece of JUNK. I got as a gift in April 2016, NOW WONT CHARGE. L.E.D. STATUS WONT WORK. Was bought brand new and did not last 6 months.


  12. Anthony

    I’ve had mine for 4 months used it maybe 5 times and the charging indicator lights quit so I called the tech support line and that was the biggest freakin joke! Don’t waste your money on this P.O.S!

  13. Janice Granda

    I would like to purchase a cable to the monster rockinrolling 2. Can you tell where to find that?

    • Tommy

      Charging cable?
      AWG Universal Power Cord for NEMA $5.83 from cables to go

  14. TONY B.

    Everyone this thing is a POS. Used just a hand full of times, sounded great worked fine until it wouldn’t hold a charge. Read reviews looks like im definitely not the only one who got ripped. Please don’t waste your money on this junker, they got me hope they don’t get you.

    • larry snoke

      I agree on that one MARSHALL makes a wide variety of speakers and sound so much better…and their have a very good reputation ! NOT LIKE MONSTER LEAVE YOU HANGING AND SCREW YOU !

      • Thomas George

        Change the battery.. they had a batch of defective batteries…8 screws…order replacement in kind from Amazon.. $28.00. Mine works fine now.

      • Oli Woolsey

        Thank-you for your comment. Are any instructions or diagrams available to get access to the battery? Any battery specs or where we can buy a replacement?


  15. Kevin

    My monster holds a charge but it won’t get a source until maybe 20 or 30 minutes later. It connect to Bluetooth the battery holds the charge but it won’t start so I can’t get any sound. Any suggestions?

    • Thomas George

      I would try a hard reset. Remove back panel disconnect battery to clear all Bluetooth connections and retry.

      • Mike Foster

        Hi Thomas. You replace the battery. But, the battery leads works? I changed the battery too, seems works fine but battery leds not work…Thank you

  16. Bruce Orman

    Same problem, worked a few months, no battery indicator. Only works with cord.
    No support from monster. Do not buy from monster.

  17. Paul

    took the advice to change the battery. it plays off the battery but doesn’t show the power level and not sure if the charger is working or not. i too have only used this speaker about 4 times love the sound when it works. My cousin has the same speaker only older and has never had a problem.

  18. Tom

    I got one on done for dad both don’t hold a charge anymore only had less than a year poor reliability

  19. Marc

    It’s a great speaker, except for the issue with the battery/charger. Your right monster unfortunately has not stood behind this product for its customers. Too bad!!
    If you are having Charger level lights not working or the speaker not charging issues: Pull off the back panel and the battery is right there.
    You can buy a RT1290 replacement battery on amazon at a decent price.
    If it continues not to charge, you can leave the battery out. Make sure you unplug the cables running to the battery from the charger which is under the side panel where the lights are. Otherwise wrap up the hot side in the battery box with electrical tape. Your speaker will now work plugged in. ** Many units stop working completely with the battery still plugged in.

    I am currently looking for a cheep workaround for the charger inside that can be ordered from amazon. Will post again if I find a solution. If anyone has one let me know. Good luck.

    • Andy

      Any other work around. I tried taping of the battery and still does not work plugged in.

      • Marc

        The radio has to be disconnected from the battery. I took mine out for a while. It makes it a lot lighter.

    • Harch

      Did you figure out a work around to the charger panel? I pulled my battery however I cannot read the info as there is foam pads glued to the sides. Hope your RT1290 Batt is correct?
      – Harch

  20. Mia

    I need some help with the monster. I’ve had it for about a year, bought it from a friend and have had zero problems with charging. but all of a sudden, it will not connect to bluetooth–same ipad i’ve used all the time. lights show it’s rying to pair and my ipad recongizes it, but will not pair. tried using USB port to connect directly and that didn’t work either.

  21. John Hipps

    I bought my monster rocking roller 2 worked great for three days then stopped connect to blue tooth and all just no sound

  22. Tim

    So I see it’s the charger or the battery. If I buy a new battery and it’s the charger I’m back where I’m at now and out the cost of the battery. Has anyone had sucess,changing out the battery?

  23. C.J. Chauvin

    Need a 12 volt charger for my mini monster rockin roller any idear where i can purchase one . only 6 months old

  24. Cory

    I just replaced the battery and I need a charger. My logic board is out. the charge lights have stopped working.

  25. Phil Fleming

    I purchased rocker from Sam’s club it worked 4 months won’t charge,imagine that,sent it to monster I paid shipping cost.i got it back and it worked 1 month and it won’t charge again

  26. KJ

    So my LED light panel just quit working. So far I think the battery is
    charging ok. Guess I will find out for sure one of these days. My question is, does anyone know of a fix for the LED panel?

  27. Mike Foster

    Hi everybody. My battery Monster Rockin Roller 1 died yesterday. Battery dont charge. Only used twice. Buy at HEB in April. Today replace with a better one battery. The battery in the Monster RR 1 is RITAR RT1270 China 12v 7AH. When replace the battery smells like burnt. I will discharge in full the new one and try charge in full. Hope it works. If Not, the charger is the issue….the only way is remove the battery and use with AC. By the way the battery meter dont work with the new battery

    • Mike Foster

      UPDATE: new battery works! The charger seems fine. Back to portable life. Now everything works except the battery meter leds and usb charge ports. Just charge 6 hours.

      • Mike Foster

        RE-UPDATE: LOL the new battery not charging anymore. Charger is the problem….the whole right panel…..The only way now its only AC powered…P.O.S.!!!!!

  28. Tom

    Same as everyone else, battery won’t recharge. Bought a new battery and it won’t recharge. Junk!

  29. Garrett Richards

    After seeing a baseball coach using this speaker around the ball field, I have started looking into purchasing it. I know I see all these bad reviews for the battery but I am hoping there is an easy solution to this. I really want to buy it because it sounds great and there aren’t any other good speakers on the market. If someone could help with choosing whether or not to get it, that’d be great.

  30. Roberto

    I had the following problema, the battery and the charger are ok, but there is any lights on in the dashboard, any sound, imposible to connect to BT, it seem is complety damage internally.

  31. Jim

    I have the monster rockin roller 2, and the powerlight went out and speaker stopped working. Will not work plugged in so i replaced battery and did not work. Lights come on light bar until you unplug it and it goes to red then out. Nothing comes on on LCD screen. What can i do to make this speaker work again?

    • Marc

      If it doesn’t work plugged in with the battery out, sound like the main board fried. If this is the case you can call customer service and pay to send it in or toss it in the garbage.
      I spent about 80.00 to make mine work again. It wasn’t worth it. I wish I would have just bought another speaker from a different manufacturer.


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